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Kirsty Kelly

Photographer, Mum and blogger


Launched in 2019 as a resource to help other photographers and an inspiration to parents. 

Maybe you have an interest in photography and you want to take it further. 

Or your a parent and are feeling a bit lost. 

Well this is where this blog comes in.


I've been doing photography since 2016 and although I will never claim to be an expert in the field of photography. I am passionate about it and love passing on what I have learnt. And I usually learn the hard way as I rarely manage to do things the easy way. 

And I've been a mum to my beautiful little girl since 2012 and a single mum since 2018. The journey isn't always easy, especially as my daughter has dyspraxia and delayed development. But as much as this may sound a cliche being a mum is the best thing I've ever done. And here I write about family life, and in doing so hopefully will help and inspire other parents whether they are single parents or not. 

Outside of being a mum and photographer I love crafts, walking, animals, history and reading when I get a chance. I don't pretend to be an expert in anything but I love passing on my knowledge to those who wish to listen. Or in the case of this blog read. 


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