Coronavirus and a Creative Life

Update: This post was originally posted on 1st May 2020 but after changing my website this post had to be re-published due to technical issues.

I hope as you read this you and your family are all well and are keeping safe. Life in Lock down certainly is strange and very hard but it's good to see that the majority of the population are doing their best to abide by it.

During the past 5 weeks I've been very absent from my blog as I've struggled to adjust to having my daughter with 24/7. Now I don't want you thinking I don't enjoy having time with my daughter because I do. But suddenly going from her being at school and me having a day job to go to. As well as being able to come and go as we please to being more or less confined to our 2nd floor flat which has no garden for the majority of the time has been hard to say the least. When were out a couple of weeks ago on one of our social distancing walks,we walked past two people (who I am assuming were neighbors and both had young children with them) saying they can't imagine how hard it must be to not have a garden for the children. I almost stopped to tell them it was very bloody hard but decided I didn't really want to get into a conversation when my daughter was with me and she was very keen for our walk.

My daughter who as I've mentioned before is only 7 years old has also struggled to adjust to this strange new normal. She is really missing her friends and this was not helped when we joined in a Zoom meeting that one of the parents set up for the kids and she couldn't get a word in edge ways over the rabble of the other children. My daughter is quiet by nature and doesn't do well in groups so when she came of the Zoom meeting she was quite upset.

She's also missing being able to go and see my partner as we please, as am I. Although we are popping up to his occasionally on our walks we have to stay 2 meters away. Not only because we are living in separate homes but because he has lung problems, so if he were to contract this virus he would more than likely be killed by it. It hurts the three of us that we can't hug but at least we can physically see each other which helps as my partners phone is temperamental and we usually don't manage to video call each other. And although we do phone each other the old fashioned way, I'm sure everyone can appreciate when I say it's not quite the same.

Thankfully for my daughter she can still go to her dads and although she has spent a couple of weekends here because she has chosen to. It has been good for her to still have the routine of going to see her dad although even that has been changed a little due to this lock down. So she now goes to her dads a little earlier and is coming back the day before she would normally so he doesn't have to get her up silly early to drop her off with me to then go home to work.

With all this upheaval I'm sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that I've not been in the right mind set to work on any aspects of my business be it the blog or my shops. It hasn't helped that my cat has woken me every night for the past month so by the time my daughter is going to bed at night I'm to exhausted to think straight and so I really have not seen the point in working on the business as I'd most likely start creating work for myself. And if I try and do any work during the day my daughter is frequently demanding my attention so I cannot get a moments peace to concentrate, although she is slowly starting to understand that I need to work on the business and that if she lets me do some work I can then stop and play with her afterwords.

Not only have I not had the time, energy or inclination to work on the practical side of my business I've also struggled to feel inclined to pick up my camera. I've heard some creatives say that they have been more creative during lock down but this has not been the case with me.

This is the time of year that when my daughter is at school and I'm not at my day job, or when she is at her dads I would be off out with the camera. However, I have not felt inclined to take the camera out with me at all. And although I could easily take it with me when we go for our walks I've also been wary of doing so as I have heard stories of the police stopping and fining people for taking photos when they have been out for their daily exercise. I'm sure this has been the exception rather than the rule but up to now I've just not wanted to take the chance. But I may chance nipping out this weekend with my camera and try inject so va va voom back into myself, as the police around here certainly don't seem to be taking such a hard line as some police forces appear to have done.

In saying all this I did bring my camera out last week and took some photos of my daughter and cat. I'm not naturally a portrait photographer but it was fun taking photos of my little girl and getting the camera back in my hands has helped reignite my love of photography.

Although not entirely sure my cat is happy at this news😂.

Until I'm able to do my next blog post I hope you all stay safe.

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