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Family Games

Updated: 2 days ago

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My daughter playing one of her board games

In today's world where we all spend so much using technology it is a treat to do something that doesn't.

This photo shows my daughter playing her game Pop to the Shops, which we were playing while we were waiting for our cookies to bake. This is one of many board games that we own and I have no doubt that in time it will grow. In fact i have my eye on a few more games I want to get.

One of the games I want to get is called Pass the Pig which I remember playing with a friend when I was a child. The goal of the game is to throw the pigs and depending on how they land depends on the score you get, and to win the game you have to be the first to get a score of 100.

Another game I will be looking to get is the classic game Cludeo I have happy memories of playing this growing up as a child. And I look forward to creating memories with my daughter wit this game.

And the last game I want to get for the little one and myself is Lexicon, which for those who have never heard of the game it is a card game with each card having a letter on it. And you try to spell words with the cards you get. And to win you must be the first player to get rid of your cards first.

All these games (as well as other games) can be found at Winning Moves.

What is your favorite game? Has any of these inspired you to get another game?



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