Gift Ideas for Photographers

Update: This post was originally posted on 25th November 2019 but after changing my website this post had to be re-published due to technical issues.

Dear Santa…..

With Christmas being just around the corner I thought I’d write out my wish list for it as a photographer.

Well I’d happily accept the winning lottery ticket for a few million so I could set my daughter and myself up for life. However, on the unlikely chance of that actually happening here are my top 5 photography items I’d like for Christmas.

1. A new lens for my camera

As I have mentioned before I have upgraded my camera gear this year to a mirrorless system. Which means I can get specific lenses for specific tasks.

However, these lenses cost money so at the moment I only have the lens that came with the camera the 18 - 55 mm. But I would love to get a 16 mm lens so I can improve my landscape photography or a 60 mm so I can improve my macro photography.

2. A strap for my camera

This might not sound like much but I’m very much in need of a strap (and have been laying down very big hints to my other half how nice it would be to get one). A camera strap can either just be on the wrist or it can be over the shoulder/around the neck, it really depends what type you feel most comfortable with.

I’m hoping for an over the shoulder one as it will mean that when I’m leaning over a wall with a body of water below me or I’m next to a large drop if my camera slips from my hands it’ll be caught by the strap and be saved. I might be bruised and sore but I’ll heal the most important thing will be my (expensive) camera and lens still being in one piece.

The other advantage to a camera strap is when my little one is out with me when I’m taking photos and she is wanting to take photos with my camera I can either let her hold the camera while the strap is on me, or put the strap on her. Knowing that if she lets go of the camera it’ll be ok. Also, if she needs my attention I can put the camera down knowing it’s safe and give her my full attention without worrying about my camera or having to ask her to wait for me to put it away in my bag, which isn’t always possible with a young child.

3. A small backpack

It’s a simple thing but would be so useful for me as currently I have my handbag for when I’m out without my camera and a big backpack for when I’m going up hills and want to take an extra layer. Or have room to carry an extra in a jumper and or jacket I’ve maybe taken off as I’ve got warm walking. It also enables me to carry a small lunch with me and a drink along with any camera gear I need for that trip.

But I don’t have a small back pack for just popping out for a local trip with the camera. It means my only options are my handbag which isn’t really suitable for my camera or a bag that’s ¾ empty. Although both do the job they are not best suited, so a small back pack would be ideal.

4. Photography book – Abandoned Places by Kieron Connolly

This not only indulges my love of photography but my love of books. I’ve got a few books for learning about photography (and at a future date I will write about them) but this year I’d like Santa to bring me a book that helps inspire my photography.

Abandoned structures have a draw for me from the historical point of view, I know those who are drawn there from the point of looking for ghosts or spirits, but for me it’s the history. I want to know about the people who used the building, what was it used for and why was it abandoned. This book I’m hoping will give me inspiration from a photography point of view, so that when I discovered abandoned places I can do them justice with my photographs.

5. Lenspen

This is an all signing all dancing piece of cleaning equipment for cameras. Basically rather than having to use the end of your top to clean your lens you use this pen. Which has a brush at one end and a microfiber surface at the other end. Very convenient and compact and apparently ideal for when you are out and about with your camera.

Well that is my short list of photography related items I’d love to find under the tree this Christmas. Hopefully it has given you inspiration either for your own wish list when you are asked what you’d like for Christmas, or for a loved one who is a photographer.

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