It's Been a While

Update: This post was originally posted on 26th July 2020 but after changing my website this post had to be re-published due to technical issues.

Just like the heading says it's been a while.

A while since anything has felt normal, a while since things have felt safe, a while since all this madness has started. But is has also been a while since I did a blog post.

Some of that has been down to me concentrating on my daughter and making sure she has been okay and completed any school work. But also because I haven't wanted to sit down to write anything here, to be honest there have been days when I have thought about hitting the delete button on this entire website.

Why didn't I?

I'm not 100% sure, I guess at the end of the day I have put hard work into this blog and the website I didn't want to walk away from it when I wasn't necessarily thinking that clearly about my business.

So what's changed?

To be completely honest with you not a lot, I'm still focused on my daughter and making sure she comes out of this nightmare in as good a mental state as any kid can. I'm still going through to care for my gran as I wrote about in my previous post. And if you haven't seen it, here's the link, it's all about caring for a loved one with dementia. And I'm still trying to find time to get out with my camera around that.

Although the one big thing that has changed is I'm still not back working quite yet. With all the uncertainty around when and how the schools were going back a few weeks ago I decided to tell the agency I get my work through that I won't be returning until after the schools have returned. This is down to care for my daughter and thankfully everyone that this decision impacts on has been very understanding.

Looking Forward

Now that everyone's thoughts are starting to turning to returning to some form of normal life what is that I am looking forward to?

Well I am looking forward to the school's reopening here in Scotland in August. Not because I'm looking forward to getting some peace (though I'd be lying if I said that I'm not looking forward to the peace at all😂) but because my daughter is missing seeing her friends. And even more important than that is that she will be getting taught properly by her teacher, I have done my best to teach her and although she has completed all tasks sent home by the school I was constantly worried that I was teaching her the wrong way. I mentioned this to one of my mum friends and she agreed with me that there was little guidance given to us parents.

I am also looking forward to getting back to work and having regular conversations with adults. My daughter is an intelligent soul and we have some wonderful conversations but they aren't quite the same as having a conversation with an adult.

Lastly I am looking forward to being able to get into a routine again and to be able to focus on my business fully again. I've been doing my best to juggle the business around my daughter. But with us not able to go anywhere she's been wanting my attention a lot more than normal. So this has made it difficult to find time to get business stuff done, added into the fact that my motivation and inspiration to work on the business has been almost nonexistent.

But now that there is the hope of returning to a routine and that I can take my little one out and about this has meant that we're both feeling a bit happier. And I am starting to find myself feeling a bit more focused, not just with my business but also with life in general.

So with all that said I hope that I will start posting on here more frequently and that I will be able to get out with my camera more often. So that will also mean that there will be more photographic art available to buy.

But in the meantime here is a photograph I have managed to take since lock down has started easing.

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