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Update: This post was originally posted on 2nd March 2020 but after changing my website this post had to be re-published due to technical issues.

I have not ever put in time into personal development until very recently when I was invited to join in some Mindset training that the amazing Anita Smith was running.

This training was not only delivered in a very relatable way but made you really stop and think about why you think in a certain way and encourages you to break that thought cycle. Not only has this training helped me to start feeling more confident and that I am capable of getting the life that I dream of for me and my daughter.

But there was another surprising positive that came out of the training, I found out how my daughter, who is 7 years old, views me. I told her what the training was and that I was doing it to help me become a better business woman and a better person overall, her response was to tell me that I am already amazing and that I'm her super hero. I've never felt so amazing before, not just as a mum to find out how my little one views me but also as a women because when I told my partner what my little one had said he told me he agreed with her that I am amazing.

One of the biggest things that clicked with me though was that if I want my business to be a success I have to work on making myself the most successful version of me that I can. I have started by finding quotes off Pintrest and downloaded the images to my phone and have them as my lock screen and my home screen. The lock screen says 'I am worthy of making more money' and the home screen says 'I am a rich and powerful woman'. And seeing this several times a day is helping remind me that not only is it ok for me to make good money which for very personal reasons I didn't think it was before. But also that I am capable of what I set my mind to.

Since completing this training I have actually decided to continue my self development journey by buying the book Upgrade Yourself: Simple Strategies To Transform Your Mindset, Improve Your Habits and Change Your Life by Thibaut Meurisse. At the time of writing this post I am still waiting for this book to arrive from Amazon but once I have received it and have read it I will let you all know how I find it.

But one thing I can highly recommend for my female readers is if you are on Facebook (as most of us are these days) is to consider joining the Champagne Universe - Courageous Mum's Support Group. It is run by the amazing Anita Smith and the support you get to develop is second to none.

Unfortunately, at time of writing this post I do not know of any groups that are for men but once I know of one I will let you all know. If you know of some already please do let me know.

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