Studio Photography at Home

Update: This post was originally posted on 31st January 2020 but after changing my website this post had to be re-published due to technical issues.

As many of my regular readers will know I am primarily interested in landscape and macro photography. But I have done some portrait experience but none of it was done in a studio. However, I have recently decided I want to try my hand a studio photography.

Now I am in a very fortunate position that my partner had a small studio sitting behind his sofa gathering dust. So I have been able to borrow his studio so I can give it a try, this saved me having to pay for a studio set up that I would possibly only use once and find I didn't like studio photography. As the photo below shows I have not got the largest living room with all my furniture in it, but I still managed to squeeze the studio in.

home studio in small space
Studio set up in Living room

After working out how to assemble the studio and just about blinding myself when I switched the light on (FYI they are incredibly bright and it's best not to look at them when you switch them on), my next challenge was working out what my camera setting for studio photography should be. My first photo as you can see was a touch too dark

Wrong camera setting using in my first attempt at studio photography
First photo using the studio was a touch too dark

But after two or three more attempts (OK I'll admit seven more attempts) I finally got the settings right. Now I could've looked online for the correct settings but I was rather impatient so just decided just to wing it. And the photo below shows what happens when I wing it

My daughter kept smiling through all my failed settings but was glad to know I got it right in the end
After several attempts I finally got the settings right on my camera for studio photography

To save you some time on your own camera settings here is the settings I used on my first failed photograph:

ISO - 400

Shutter Speed - 125

F-Stop - F4

And the settings for when I got it right:

ISO - 400

Shutter Speed - 60

F-Stop - F3.6

After getting the camera settings correct I was able to concentrate on getting some nice photographs of my daughter. And this is one of my favorite.

My daughter lying down modelling for me

Now I do appreciate that the background sheet needs ironed and I should have had a sheet down for her to lie on as well as the background. But even with all those problems I am still love this photo for a few reasons. Firstly it's a beautiful one of my daughter showing her beautiful smile. Secondly it shows that I have the ability to use studio equipment at home. And that leads on to my third point that it is encouraging me to grow as a photographer and I can't wait to do more studio photography at home and you never know one day it might lead me to having my own professional studio.

Do you enjoy studio photography? If so or even if not I'd love to hear about your experiences and why you love it or not.

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