Upgrading Camera Equipment

Update: This post was originally posted on 28th October 2019 but after changing my website this post had to be re-published due to technical issues.

I eluded in my previous post about choosing a camera that I have recently upgraded my camera gear. In this post I will cover what camera I have upgraded to and why I chose that particular camera system.

The Camera

Black and silver Fujifilm X-T3
My new camera, Fujifilm X-T3

The system I chose to upgraded to is a mirrorless camera, more specifically I’ve upgraded to the Fujifilm X-T3.

Here’s some of the basic technical bit about the camera:

Megapixels 26.1

Body Dimensions 132.5 x 92.8 x 58.8 mm

Weight 539g

Continuous Shooting Speed 11 fps (frames per second)

Of course, there is a bunch more of technical stuff, but I don’t want to bore you with all of it.

The Reason

Why did I choose this particular camera? Well for a few reasons, one it feels very tactile in my hands and very comfortable to use, which is very important when you are talking about a camera which you may be holding for long periods of time.

Also, I did a lot of research on this camera, particularly by watching YouTube videos of other photographers using it. In particular First Man Photography and Manny Ortiz both of whom I’ve followed on YouTube for a while, and both had positive things to say about the X-T3. However, I didn’t just watch their videos about it I also watched others and no one really had a negative thing to say about it.

Now before I go any further you will get those who will ask why you are getting a particular camera as if you are mad and need to be admitted. All because they cannot see past the camera make they use, as far as I’m concerned they are very entitled to their opinion and if I ask for it please give it but if I haven’t asked for your opinion please be kind enough and polite enough to keep it to yourself.

Anyway, back to my choice of camera. I did spend time looking at other camera makes including Canon and Nikon. Now I have some experience of Canon as my partner shots with Canon and has done for years, however, for me there was always something that I didn’t like about his camera. Not something specific I can put my finger on just a general unhappy feeling when I’ve used his camera. I also looked at Nikon but it is very similar to Canon in my opinion and again there was just something I didn’t feel comfortable with. I did briefly look at Sony but it felt very plastic in my hands and for a camera that is so expensive I felt that the first knock that will inevitably happen it would break.

The fact that the X-T3 feels so sturdy in my hands was a big selling point for me, as between the fact that my 6 year old loves photography and is always wanting to use my camera. As well as the fact that I tend do an impression of a mountain goat, I need a camera that will be able to take a couple of knocks and not be too bothered by them. As well as this it is for me a very comfortable camera to use in regards to the settings, as my bridge camera was a Fujifilm and there was somewhat of a comfort factor when scrolling through them.

My Verdict

I am so far very happy with my camera, I have only had it a few weeks but have no regrets about my purchase. Currently I only have one lens which I bought with the body, a 18mm – 55mm lens and in time I will purchase more. Although not sure which one next as I love doing landscapes but since purchasing my camera have found myself being drawn to portrait photography more and more, which not something I ever thought I would be interested in. And of course I enjoy doing macro photography as well. Although the 18 -55 lens I am finding is a great starter lens I am sure it won’t be long until I am itching to get another lens.

Although there are some similarities between my new camera and my old bridge camera, the dials on the camera are the biggest difference. In fact it was one thing that almost stopped me from buying the x-t3 as where the bridge has one dial with letters on it allowing you to select the mode, the X-T3 has three dials with different numbers on it. I thought that this was going to make it just too big a leap into my next camera. But when I mentioned my worried to one of the sales people at the Jessops store in Edinburgh they put my mind at rest by explaining the numbers were just the ISO, shutter speed and brightness. In that very moment all my worries about the X-T3 being too advanced for me disappeared and there was no other camera I was interested in.

I hope that when you upgrade your camera equipment you end up with a system that you are as happy with as I am with the X-T3. As no matter what any other photographer says or what the sales person at your local camera shop says, this is a very personal choice and you can only get what is right for you.

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